KCB is able to combine its semiconductor package development experience with its ability to realize individual building blocks by integrating functional blocks and devices into one package. KCB is able to synthesize multi-layer semiconductor package designs that reduce size and weight which are critical in Satellite and Airborne applications from DC through Ka Band. Further, by managing the device qualification process at the module level, KCB is able to realize reduced cost through risk reduction associated with procuring and qualifying multiple components.

Case Study

Ka Band Vector Modulator

KCB was able to realize an LO amplifier, a mixer/doubler, and an RF amplifier with I and Q inputs in a single leadless hermetic package. This modulator enables customers to realize seamless up-conversion in a small footprint that is ready made for space applications. This solution is also available for Ku and X band applications.

2-20 GHz Switched Amplifier

This product integrates and SPDT switch with an input limiter and broadband low noise amplifier in a 0.3” square surface mount leadless hermetic package. This product is fully screened to MIL requirements and 100% electrical tested.

X-Band Transceiver

An aerospace customer developed an x-band transceiver chip set consisting of a MMIC LNA w/digital attenuator and phase shift control and a MMIC PA with 1W PSAT. Phase control was critical as the application is Phased Array Radar. KCB was able to develop a multi-layer ceramic package that provided very precise phase repeatability; obviating the need to match sets as the entire population was well controlled.

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