KCB has the experience, expertise and resources at realizing solutions to address customer specific requirements. By integrating functional blocks and devices into one package, KCB is able to reduce size and weight which are critical in Satellite and Airborne applications. Further, by managing the device qualification process at the module level, KCB is able to realize reduced cost through risk reduction associated with procuring and qualifying multiple components.

Case Study

Switch Matrix

A major Military customer needed an integrated high power switch solution to address performance and thermal issues associated with their existing discrete solution. KCB was able to design a multi-chip hybrid solution which included 15 components to realize a multi-path transceiver switch matrix. By integrating the components onto a highly thermally conductive platform, KCB was able to drastically improve the thermal management of the semiconductors in the design.

Digital Step Attenuator Module

KCB has offered digital step attenuators a single chip in package devices. A major Aerospace customer needed a serial CMOS/TTL compatible driver integrated with this attenuator. KCB stepped up to the challenge by developing and multi-layer hermetic package that integrated the serial driver with the attenuator. This reduced the overall implementation size of the discrete approach and reduced the amount of qualification needed to satisfy Class-K requirements.

GaN Amplifier Module

With the emergence of GaN transistors and MMICs, there has been an increasing desire to migrate this enabling technology to Space. KCB identified a suitable hermetic package and integrated the MMIC with it’s associated bias components into a single module, enabling the customer to develop a 25W amplifier with high efficiency with minimal external bias circuitry.

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