The KS114-52 is a SP4T PIN switch that offers high power handling and low insertion loss in a compact surface mount package. Built on a highly thermally conductive Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrate, this switch is ideal for high performance commercial and military applications where low loss combined with high adjacent port isolation is required. In addition, the thick copper under metal provides superior loss performance as well as higher bias current handling than traditional metallization schemes. High power diodes have been chosen to provide the optimum blend of loss, isolation and harmonic performance. High Power Pin Diode Design *Broadband operation from 0.02 – 3.0 GHz *Surface Mount 5mm QFN-style Leadless Package *Rugged Aluminum Nitride Carrier with Thick Copper Traces.

Product Status: Active
  • High Power Series‐Shunt PIN Diode Design
  • Broadband operation from 0.02 – 2.0 GHz
  • Surface Mount 7mm QFN‐style Leadless Package
  • Rugged Aluminum Nitride Carrier with Thick Copper Traces

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SP4T 50W Switch


0.02-2.0 GHz