KCB Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to realize products that meet the most demanding semiconductor performance needs in the harshest environments:

Product Design

  • Circuit Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Study
  • Component Derating


  • Microelectronic Assembly
  • Device Screening

Device Testing

  • Small Signal Testing
  • Large Signal Testing
  • Data Recording
  • Fixture De-embedding

Device Qualification

  • Life Testing
  • Destructive Physical Analysis
  • Residual Gas Analysis
  • Radiation Testing

Package Design

  • Schematic Capture
  • Package Modelling
  • Multi-Layer Leaded/Leadless

Program & Component Management

  • Counterfeit and Obsolescence
  • Customer Design Reviews
  • Project Management

Standard Product & Custom Solutions

KCB Solutions brings technology together to solve the most demanding RF and Microwave semiconductor requirements of the Space, Aerospace, and Defense Industry. Proven capabilities include semiconductor circuit and package design, microelectronic assembly, RF testing, and environmental screening to meet the most demanding and cost-sensitive hardware requirements for products through 50 GHz. Product offering extends well into the 40 GHz range.

Standard RF & Microwave Semiconductors that Make the Grade

In an effort to address the market pressures of lower cost and reduced lead times, KCB offers a growing library of proven Standard Products, designed and manufactured following the guidelines and test flows of MIL-PRF & EEE-INST-002 performance specifications. Most of our RF and Microwave surface mount semiconductor components are available as commercial, military, or space grade.

KCB offers an ever-expanding line of Standard off the shelf products designed specifically for use in harsh environments. A sampling of the products that KCB offers include:

  • Switches: GaAs, PIN, SPST through SP8T available with driver.
  • Amplifiers: LNAs, Driver Amplifiers, and Power Amplifiers in GaAs or GaN.
  • Attenuators: VVAs or DSAs with or without driver.
  • Frequency Conversion: Vector Modulators, Frequency Multipliers

KCB standard surface mount components and hybrid parts are available for commercial, or purchased to meet the requirements of EEE-INST-002, MIL-PRF-38534, MIL-PRF-38535, all equivalent international documents, or to an SCD. This approach allows KCB to develop a library of standard products from proven die and packages, with all the required documentation already in place. The result is lower total cost solutions with quicker delivery.

Custom RF & Microwave Semiconductors that Meet Your Needs

KCB Solutions continues to support Hi-Rel surface mount semiconductor components designed for specific customer drawings, provide support for obsolescence issues, co-develop products that take commercial die to the next level of protection and reliability, integrate functionality specific to a customers’ need, and develop a part that will provide a differentiator for assembly or system architecture. In addition to catalog parts, KCB Solutions is able to offer application-specific semiconductor solutions such as:

  • Modification of catalog products
  • Creation of a product from the ever-expanding library of proven die and packages
  • Creation of a product from available commercial die packaged in proven packages
  • Development of custom packaging to address specific requirements
  • Production of new or existing SCDs
  • Replacement of plastic parts that are not usable
  • Development of solutions to reduce your risk
Multifunction Modules

Multifunction Modules

Greater functionality at higher frequencies. Multilayer packaged, modulator enables customers to realize seamless up-conversion in a small footprint that is ready for space applications.

Semiconductor Components to Help Secure Your Future, or Help Forget Your Past

If your application requires product development, KCB can offer Hi-Rel RF and Microwave surface mount semiconductors that enhance your size and weight requirements, reduce your long-term program risk, and offer design flexibility that can differentiate your system from the competition. We can offer help with:

  • Designs for higher levels of integration
  • Obsolescence replacement
  • Help in protecting and testing your custom developed integrated circuits
  • Develop parts for commercial die needing protection and ease of SMT assembly
  • Plastic parts replacement

You Are Not Likely to Get Off COTS-Free

Today’s commercially driven semiconductor market has made it difficult for Space, Aerospace, and Defense contractors to find reliable components and hybrids for their systems. Users of COTS (commercial off the shelf) semiconductor components understand that they need to do a tremendous amount of after-market work to screen potential reliability risks and/or modify their assemblies to mitigate known reliability risks. It is rare that a company can actually use these semiconductor parts as is and it is a given that the demands of our markets require many “adjustments” prior to using COTS due to the potential reliability risk. Add to this the need to be concerned about assembly differences from multiple factory locations; data sheets where typical is the most common specification limit, product changes, and short product life cycles.

KCB Solutions was created to support companies that need product for space and Hi-Rel markets. Prior to our existence, suppliers of space level semiconductor assemblies were in need of experienced, quality suppliers. Through trust and support, some of those suppliers helped launch KCB Solutions 16 years ago. Customers searched for alternative resources in response to suppliers that had turned away from the Space, Aerospace, and Defense market due to their change in focus towards commercial products. With a foundation of 20+ years of Hi-Rel industry experience and supporting high performance in harsh environments, KCB has developed reliable and reputable semiconductor manufacturing processes that address known reliability issues, issues that the space community has known about for many decades, which have been garnering more attention in the airborne and other military markets. We understand you must build quality in.

If you are producing an expensive long-life system, a commercial satellite, or a short-term small satellite, – you can benefit by using the KCB standard lower-cost approach. RF and Microwave surface mount semiconductors can be supplied as commercial “military off the shelf”, Military requirements Class B and H, and Space requirements Class S and Class K. Specifically, we can offer our standard product with our documented MFR flow for both Military and Space testing. In either situation, your product reputation is on the line and KCB can offer the confidence that KCB standard products provide.

Through improved yields and efficient manufacturing practices, we can offer our Standard Products at lower total cost, with shorter lead times while still meeting the requirements of traditional satellite programs. These semiconductor components are perfect for Commercial Space Applications as they offer proven space assembly processes with standard screening flows at lower cost while reducing reliability risks that the use of COTS parts contain.

KCB Solutions can offer hermetic semiconductor parts, using proven processes that can lead to a much lower total cost solution. Whether it is early in the design process, or later after problems have already been encountered, KCB is ready, willing, and able to address your needs! KCB is working towards making these options more accessible to customers by promoting standard Hi-Rel designed semiconductors rather than another wave of COTS products that come with a very steep learning curve. Consider that KCB Solutions has been supporting your needs for 16 years and that our market is not large enough to influence the actions of commercial companies.

Experts in Industry Obsolescence Issues

Our capabilities and experience in RF devices/packaging and electrical testing enables us to not only support new product but also address industry obsolescence requirements.  KCB has the capabilities to design and qualify replacement devices that fit on existing footprints, mitigating the need for extensive redesign.

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