KCB Solutions plays a part in the successful launch of Space Qualified Switches & Sampling Phase Detectors

By January 25, 2022 March 4th, 2022 News
Space Qualified components onboard Lucy

The Hi-Rel RF Space products were installed on the Lucy spacecraft as part of a 12-year mission to eight different asteroids

Shirley, MA 1/25/22 – KCB Solutions, a leading supplier of High-Rel RF products for space and military applications, announces the successful launch of space qualified components onboard the LUCY spacecraft. The spacecraft was launched in the early morning of Saturday, October 16, 2021 with KCB’s switches installed in the Space Transponder, a part of the spacecraft communication system.

KCB Solutions congratulates NASA and Lockheed Martin on a successful launch. KCB is proud to play a part of the vitally important communications system aboard LUCY, a satellite that is a part of NASA’s Discover program.

As with all of the Space qualified Components manufactured at KCB Solutions, these RF switches withstood a long sequence of ground testing, the launch sequence and are expected to operate for very long periods of time during the life of the LUCY mission, which is a minimum of 12 years.

LUCY will travel to two swarms of asteroids called Trojans that lead and follow Jupiter during its orbit around the sun. LUCY will travel a complex path to reach the asteroids.  It will perform gravity assist flybys of the Earth in October 2022 and December 2024 before flying by the main-belt asteroid, in April 2025. It will go by five Trojans in the leading swarm between August 2027 and November 2028. After another Earth flyby in December 2030, it will go by a pair of asteroids in the other, trailing Trojan swarm in March 2033

Scientists believe the Trojan asteroids are relics from the early history of the solar system and can provide help understand how the solar system was formed.

The spacecraft is named after the LUCY fossil of a human ancestor found in Ethiopia in 1974.

For the next 12+ years, the RF Switches delivered by KCB Solutions will only allow those on earth to communicate with LUCY.  Any directions needed to deploy and fly this satellite, or to receive all of the readings from the instruments that it carries, will rely on these RF components and are vital to the success of this mission.

About KCB Solutions

Founded in 2003, KCB Solutions has grown into a leading manufacturer of RF and Microwave surface mount microcircuits and hybrids, focused on Space, Aerospace, and Defense applications. Based on our commitment to product quality and an exceptionally high level of customer service, we have become a partner and sole source supplier to some of the largest OEMs in the world.

Our modern manufacturing facility reflects our philosophy of cost-efficient vertical integration with state-of-the-art automated assembly and electrical testing. Our investment in technology allows us to control the manufacturing process to achieve our customers’ requirements. Through the implementation of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing practices, AS9100 quality standards have been put in place to specifically address the requirements of our target markets.

KCB has a long history of supplying Space Level product tested using the flows outlined in MIL-PRF-38534 Class H or K (multi-chip hybrids) and MIL-PRF-38535 Class Level B and S (single chip), with an excellent reputation for on-time delivery and reduced overall cost. Coupled with our program and component management resources, we are able to support long-running space programs for the commercial and defense industries and help minimize obsolescence risk throughout the life of any program.

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