The KS113-52 Switch

By February 18, 2015 December 5th, 2017 News

KCB’s New Solution for Manpack & Tactical Comm Designers

KCB Solutions, a leading provider of high-reliability RF and microwave devices, is pleased to announce the release of its KS113-52 product. This high performance, low loss PIN diode SP2T 50W switch is specifically designed to meet the high power, high reliability needs of the manpack, tactical communications EW Systems RF designer.

Built on a highly thermally conductive Aluminum Nitride (AIN) substrate, this switch is ideal for high performance commercial and military applications where low loss combined with high adjacent port isolation is required.

“We feel that the combination of its high performance with rugged construction make the KS113-52 ideally suited for the most demanding higher power radio, EW and general RF applications,” said Darryl Scofield, Director of Business Development for KCB. “Designers can expect to see additional switch configurations released in the near future that will complement the KS113-52 and make a wider array of amplifier and radio solutions realizable.”