KCB Offers New L-Band Amplifier and Transistors for Hi-Rel Applications

By November 12, 2013 August 26th, 2019 News

KCB Solutions has just released two new transistor products that are direct replacements for the AT64020 and NE85635 transistors. These transistors utilize the same die as in the exisiting products and are packaged in hermetic micro-x equivalents for high reliability applications.  Below is a summary of each product.

KX101-26: The KX101-26 NPN epitaxial silicon transistor is designed to replace the NE85635 transistor.  It offers low noise figure, high gain, and high current capability which equates to wide dynamic range and excellent linearity.  The KX101-26 offers excellent performance and reliability for hi-rel applications.  This device is provided in a hermetic micro-x package for high frequency performance.

KX102-27: The KX102-27 is a high performance NPN silicon bipolar transistor that is designed to be a replacement for the AT64020 Transistor.  This device is designed for use in medium power, wide band amplifier and oscillator applications over microwave frequencies.  Packaged in a high-conductivity hermetically sealed package, this transistor is well suited for high reliability applications.

KCB has also developed a broadband medium power amplifier.  The KA101-10 is a high performance, ultra-wideband, medium power GaAs pHEMT amplifier with low noise, high linearity and high efficiency.  This amplifier is supplied in a 7-lead hermetic microwave surface mount package with a copper tungsten base making it ideal for high performance commercial and high-reliability applications.

How to Order: Please fill out an RFQ and send us your request for additional information, pricing and availability.  An Application Engineer will be in touch to provide you with any additional support you may need for your application.