Hi-Rel RF/Microwave Product Solutions


A growing archive of some of the best RF/Microwave semiconductor solutions available

From low-cost, GaAs MMIC components to high-power switches on aluminum nitride, KCB has the experience you need to develop the optimal solution for your design. As an experienced designer of GaAs, Si, and GaN semiconductor products, KCB has created a vast archive of standard and semi-standard, Hi-Rel solutions. KCB's high-reliability products, or variants thereof, are available with faster turnaround times, and limited to zero NRE. The products below represent a sample from each product group. Datasheets can be viewed by clicking on a model number. The devices below are supplied in accordance with the 100% screening requirements of MIL-PRF-38535, Class B/S and MIL-PRF-38534 Class H. These devices can also be supplied against the requirements of Class S or without screening.

Hi-Rel Without the High Price or the Long Lead Time

 Changing the notion that Hi-Rel is expensive and only available with long delivery times, KCB is pleased to offer a new line of screened components attractively priced and with reduced lead times. These GaAs devices meet the screening and qualification requirements of MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-PRF-38535 and are available in your choice of leaded packages or newly qualified KCB hermetic QFNs. They're ideal for all your military and space requirements. 

GaAs SPST Switch, SPDT Switch, and SP4T Switch
The KCB Hi-Rel line of broadband pHEMT GaAs FET switches range from DC - 6 GHz and offer isolations as high as 56 dB and losses as low as 0.5 dB.

Broadband GaAs Digital Attenuator
KCB Hi-Rel digital attenuators range from DC - 6 GHz and feature a GaAs broadband seven-bit pHEMT digital attenuator. They deliver low insertion loss of 1.8 dB, excellent attenuation accuracy of +/- 0.15 dB, and an attenuation range of 31.75 dB. Integrated into the device is a TTL/CMOS-compatible, dual-mode serial or parallel-programming interface controller.

Wideband GaAs Power Amplifier
KCB810 is a Hi-Rel GaAs pHEMT high performance, ultra-wideband 0.4 - 2.7 GHz power amplifier offering superior output power, low noise, high linearity, and high efficiency.

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**NEW** Hi-Rel SPST, SPDT and SP4T Switches
Part NumberDescriptionFrequency (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)Package
KCB815(B or S)SPSTDC-6.00.6557 Lead Hermetic
KCB816(B or S)SPSTDC-4.00.8388 Lead Hermetic
KCB817(B or S)SPSTDC-6.00.6553x3 Hermetic QFN
KCB820(B or S)SPDTDC-6.00.8557 Lead Hermetic
KCB821(B or S)SPDTDC-4.00.8508 Lead Hermetic
KCB822(B or S)SPDTDC-6.00.8553x3 Hermetic QFN
KCB823(H)SPDT with DriverDC-6.00.75554x4 Hermetic QFN
KCB825(B or S)SP4TDC-4.01.0544x4 Hermetic QFN
KCB826(H)SP4T with DriverDC-4.01.0544x4 Hermetic QFN
KCB827(H)SP4T with DriverDC-4.01.05416 Lead Hermetic Quad
KCB828(H)SP4T with DriverDC-4.01.15032 Lead Hermetic Quad
KS200SP4T0.02-4.01.44216 Lead Hermetic Surface Mount
Note: Loss/Isolation figures are at 2 GHz

Hi-Rel Broadband GaAs Digital Step Attenuators
Part NumberDescriptionFrequency (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB) Max AttenuationPackage
KT1017 Bit Digital Attenuator with DriverDC-4.01.9505x5 Hermetic QFN
KT1027 Bit Digital Attenuator with DriverDC-4.01.95032 Lead Hermetic Quad
KT1047 Bit Fixed Attenuator.02-4.01.5 31.7532 Lead Hermetic Surface Mount Package
KT105GaAs pHEMT 7 Bit Digital Attenuator .25 dB LSB with Serial DriverDC-     8 Lead Hermetic Surface Mount Package
KT109 7 Bit Digital Attenuator with Parallel Control0.02-3.2 1.5 31.7514 Lead Hermetic Surface Mount Package

Hi-Rel Driver Amplifiers
Part NumberDescriptionFrequency (Ghz) Gain P1dB Package
KCB810Driver Amplifier0.4-2.7 GHz+14.5+43.08 Lead Hermetic
KA101-10Medium Power Amplifier0.4-2.7 GHz+12.4 307 Lead Hermetic
KA103-56Low Noise Amplifier2-18 GHz+1515Hermetic QFN-syle Leadless
KA107Low Noise Amplifier1.3-3.0 GHz2022Hermetic Leadless Surface Mount Package

New DC to 6 GHz Switch Offers High Power Design Flexibility

 KCB's latest SPST through SP6T switches are ready for your high power-handling requirements from 20 to 200 Watts. These versatile devices feature the highest power-handling capability available in standard QFN packages and themally conductive flange-mount packages. As an added feature, they're shipped complete in your choice of multiple factory-configured ports. 

Designed and manufactured with PIN diode technology, they're 100 percent RF tested (small signal), have robust carrier construction, and are composed with thick deposition thin film traces. They're housed in standard 5 or 7mm QFN-style packages, high power flange packages and also in hermetic packages. They've been created for applications where robust design/construction and low costs are key application drivers.

High Power PIN Switches
Part NumberFrequency
Range (GHz)
Loss @ 1 GHz
(dB Typ)
Loss @ Max Frequency
(dB Typ)
Isolation @ 1 GHz
(dB Typ)
Isolation @ Max Frequency
(dB Typ)
KS103-530.02 - 3.0
SP2T20W0.40.830255MM QFN
KS104-530.02 - 3.0SP3T20W
0.40.830255MM QFN
KS105-530.02 - 3.0SP4T20W0.40.830255MM QFN
KS113-520.02 - 2.0SP2T50W0.30.845457MM QFN
KS114-520.02 - 2.0SP4T50W0.30.845457MM QFN
KS03R2-220.02 - 3.0SP2T200W0.40.828202-22 Pkg
KS03R3-220.02 - 3.0SP3T200W0.40.828203-22 Pkg

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KCB Amplifier Products for Millimeter-Wave Applications:

Part NumberDescriptionFrequency (GHz)Gain (dB)Input VSWRNF
KCB222K-Band Amplifier20-28 GHz16 dB min2:1 typ2.5 dB typ
KCB242V-Band Amplifier39-43 GHz16 dB typ2:1 typ3.0 dB typ

Other Standard Products:

GaAs Switches
Part NumberDescriptionFrequency (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)Package
KCB103SPST w/attenuatorDC-6.02.0307 Lead Hermetic
KCB801SPST, Non-ReflectiveDC-6.01.2557 Lead Hermetic
KCB802SPDT, Non-ReflectiveDC-6.01.2507 Lead Hermetic
KCB804SP4T w/ CMOS Driver, Non-Reflective0.2-2.01.8379 Lead Hermetic
KCB805SPDT, Non-ReflectiveDC-10.01.5557 Lead Hermetic
KCB806DPDT, Reflective2.0-18.02.540QFN
KCB812SPDT, Non-Reflective w/TTL ControlDC-6.01.2487 Lead Hermetic
KD06M2-10SPDT, Non-Reflective w/TTL Control
(Not for new designs.  See KCB812)
DC-6.01.0507 Lead Hermetic
Note: Loss/Isolation figures are at 2 GHz

Voltage Variable Attenuators
Part NumberDescriptionFrequency (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Attenuation (dB)Outline
KCB807Voltage VariableDC-6.02.5408 Lead Hermetic
KCB808Voltage VariableDC-4.01.2358 Lead Hermetic