Semiconductor Packaging Solutions / IC Packaging


Standard Semiconductor Packaging

When the footprint is predefined but unique performance challenges arise, KCB can design a drop-in solution. First, we’re versed in all IC packaging styles and choose only industry leaders offering well documented designs. These styles include surface mount, flat-pack, leaded, and leadless. We can provide single chip as well as multi-chip solutions in these packages that are mechanically rugged and provide superior electrical performance to as high as 40 GHz.

From low-cost GaAs MMIC components to high-power switches on aluminum nitride, KCB has the experience you need to develop the optimal solution for your design. Plus, we not only design and package these highly-reliable products, we can also provide the testing and screening needed to ensure that all devices are delivered in accordance to your specifications.

IC Package Types: 

QFN Package
Hermetic SMT
Hermetic Flatpack
Discrete Package
Power Package

Custom Semiconductor Packaging

When the issue is both a board real estate issue and functional challenge, KCB can deliver 100% customized semiconductor solutions and custom packaging design to your requirements. With a host of amplifiers, switches, mixers, limiters, attenuators and other devices in our library, and thousands of chips at our disposal through our incredible network of connections, KCB is able to mix-and-match components to create multiple functions in a single package. We also offer unique semiconductor custom packaging designs for single chip and multi-chip/multi-function assemblies. When coupled with our in-house device screening capabilities, we can provide devices that are fully tested and screened, and assure you the highest first-pass yields.

We also offer unique alternatives to Customer Source Control Drawings. Contact us today.